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Women’s Jewelry


Necklace & Pendant

New Name Necklace Personalized Engraved Plate

$95.99 $25.99

Necklace & Pendant

New Heart CZ Name Necklace Custom Nameplate

$180.99 $33.99

Gifts for Friends

New Heart Engraved 2 Nameplate Name Necklace

$215.30 $31.99

Necklace & Pendant

New 6 Infinity Name Necklace

$190.99 $49.99

Best Selling

New Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

$290.99 $30.89

Necklace & Pendant

Personalized 6 Birthstones Heart Name Necklace

$90.60 $37.99

Necklace & Pendant

Engraved Personalized 5 Birthstones Heart Necklace

$127.29 $39.99

Love does not necessarily require language expression, not necessarily spending time, living together for a long time, the expression of love may be some small gifts to win her sweet smile. For example, give a lover a custom women's jewelry necklace, two chic love, warm and elegant, big heart-shaped ring and small heart-shaped ring link together, just like she is leaning on your chest; a simple but pure and transparent ring, a retro and gorgeous square pendants, both are good choices for you.