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New Heart CZ Name Necklace Custom Nameplate

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New Heart Engraved 2 Nameplate Name Necklace

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Necklace & Pendant

New 6 Infinity Name Necklace

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Necklace & Pendant

Aladdin Magic Lamp Necklace


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New Royal Personalized Name Necklace


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Bold Monogram Necklace For Women

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Wrinkled face, rough hands, the years record your hard work, children thank you for your contribution. Personalized grandma jewelry, you can send our custom-made family tree necklaces, round design for the perfection of the family, the name of the children in the middle of the tree, symbolizing your grown up children; you can also customize a gemstone ring, the gemstone can be made according to the number of children, meaning that the child will always be a child and never grow up in grandmother’s heart. Sending grandma jewelry, wearing full of blessings.